George Groves & commercial law

Those of you who even know who George Groves is (a boxer) might be asking what on earth this guy has got to do with commercial law …..

No, I’m not posing some kind of MENSA like teaser, it’s quite straightforward. Like some of you may have been, I was listening to radio commentary of a big UK boxing match, billed as a genuine “grudge match”, last night, between the aforementioned George Groves and James de Gayle.

Whilst Groves is a class act and unbeaten, few backed him to beat De Gayle who is reigning olympic boxing champion and also unbeaten. Groves won, on a split decision.

The reason he won, as he himself stated in an interview was significantly due to the quality of his “team”. He is trained by Adam Booth, David Haye’s trainer, known to adopt an ultra professional set of techniques and where planning and tactical nouse are paramount. In short, Groves and his team totally out-thought and out-planned DeGayle and his team.

There are many these days who don’t see the need to use lawyers as any more than paper shufflers at best. There seems to be a growing opinion that conveyancing is simply ticking boxes and that lawyers fees should be haggled down to a point where there is no profit for the lawyers. But in important matters (boxing can be life and death, law is often life changing), it pays to have the right team and the right experience. A good solicitor will have highly honed tactical skills, commercial knowledge as well as legal skills, they often have experience which clients don’t on similar transactions. In short, a good solicitor will often mean the difference between winning or losing a case, getting the right kind of contract for you, and not least in avoiding unecessary risks… in boxing parlance, not “dropping your guard”.

So choose a lawyer carefully, having the best team is smart thinking and shop around, not necessarily on price but on experience and past performance. Boxing and law, not so different after all !


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