Equality, maternity leave & gender gap

Maternity leave research

Reabur.com has published some very interesting research finding on attitudes of employers relating to maternity leave. Without further ado, here are some of their most interesting findings :-

  • Some 65% of employers do not believe employees will return to work after taking maternity leave
  • Female employers have a markedly different approach to male employers. 82% of female employers believe the employee will return to work.
  • Only just over 40% of employers questioned have a “return to work” policy.
  • 16% of employers would prefer it if staff on maternity leave do not return to work
  • The reasons employer gave for not wanting the employee to return to work included a perceived reduction in concentration and enthusiasm.

Notwithstanding the Equality Act and all the strides forward made in equality, the clear finding of this survey is that there is still a significant gender gap when it comes to maternity leave.

What do you think ?

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